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Stop threats in their tracks. Control web usage, protect against the rise of Ransomware by using the cloud’s advantage with superior protection and faster response.

With Hosted Email Security your email is scanned and cleaned before it gets to your mail program.

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Staying ahead of online threats with antivirus & email protection.

At Hutchison IT, our team of dedicated IT technicians will keep your business secure against anti-virus threats. With affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes, our dedicated IT support on the Gold Coast will keep your system safe and secure. For more information on our IT security services, get in touch with us today.

 Why is Antivirus & IT Security important for Small Businesses?

Like locks on doors and windows, Antivirus and Email Security assist in preventing unwanted software being unknowingly downloaded onto computers and devices.

Ransomware, data corruption and identity theft are some results of viruses and malware which can very impactful to the operating of a business. Cybercriminals create these viruses which exploit security flaws in operating systems. What often happens is the virus stays dormant until a particular time or day, then goes off executing its designed task.

Antivirus and email protection work like a vaccine to monitor, detect and scan for these unwanted programs which maybe downloaded after clicking on an email link or opening an infected document.

Overtime, the methods and tactics used cybercriminals become more advanced adding to the importance of having multiple levels of protection.

Savings and Cost Benefits Of IT Security Protection

After peace of mind the overall cost benefit to having protection is the reduction of interruptions caused.
The cost to fixing such issues can be large depending on the damage caused.

Viruses can;

  • Make the computer crash or slow to use
  • Prevent programs from working
  • Delete or corrupt files
  • Stop the internet from being accessed

Protection requires a layered approach and are a number of preventative measures which can be put in place to further enhance protection of the network and devices.


Trend micro - antivirus and IT protection Gold Coast

The Latest In Antivirus Technology

When it comes to Antivirus protection you need to a solution you can trust.  For the most part Antivirus and Internet Security are an annoyance to think about however we know it’s needed.

Once it’s installed you shouldn’t need to worry about it again. No annoying pop-ups, no messages to action. Just “set it and forget it”

People want to know that the program is working in the background.

Using the Trend’s Smart Protection Network it proactively stop threats before they reach your business with cloud-based protection from the using latest global threat intelligence, your devices will have access to the latest threat information.

Advanced features:

Easy to use, simple to manage

An agent is installed on PC or Mac

Set policies to block online activity for certains users

Monitor your device via an online dashboard

Prevent USB ports and connected drives from being accessed

Protecting your users & devices

Worry-Free Advanced protects email, web and file sharing and filters URLs by blocking access to inappropriate websites.
Spam is blocked and phishing and social engineering attacks are staved off, so your employees don’t have to worry about security problems and can focus on their work.

Ransomware on the rise year over year.

  • Ransomware increase in 2014 over previous year 17% 17%
  • Ransomware increase in 2015 over previous year 9% 9%
  • Ransomware increase in 2016 over previous year 38% 38%
  • Ransomware increase in 2017 over previous year 38% 38%

What People Are Saying

We’ve used many antivirus packages in the past and what we like about Trend is it isn’t intrusive with pop ups and notifications. It allows our staff to work uninterrupted.

- Tracey

The ease of remote management and deployment options means we don’t need physical access to the computer install or make configuration changes – it’s great.

- David