Business IT Support Gold Coast

Business IT Support Gold Coast

Hutchison IT provide flexible IT services for your business offering the core services to ensure your business can operate effectively.

For expert business IT Support on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


Providing the Core IT Support Service For Small Business

Providing reliable and effective support services for businesses of all sizes with proactive support – to suit your needs.

At Hutchison IT we provide flexible IT support services for small businesses. We ensure your networks and data are secure, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

For expert IT support for small businesses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, contact us today.

IT Support tailored to your business

With a passion for IT backed by years of industry experience, Hutchison IT Solutions are driven to provide customers with superior IT support on the Gold Coast.

We understand businesses often have limited IT expertise on hand and when issues arise they need reliable, knowledgeable IT support services to suit their needs.

With a flexible range of IT support options we can work to any client requirements.
Larger businesses might opt for our Managed Support services to compliment their current IT workload under monthly maintenance support while small businesses may choose ad doc support (per incident) support as needed.

Our Managed Support offerings allows the business to keep focus their core business operations while leaving their IT support, training and procurement to Hutchison IT as their trusted IT Partner.

No matter which option customers will be looked after by a friendly, dedicated IT support technician.

Secure Offsite Backup Services

With an increase of online threats like ransomware it’s important for businesses to have a solid backup strategy. Even with the best security systems on the market, it’s easy to lose important data. Every hard drive has a finite lifespan. Eventually, they will fail, taking their data with them.

 Similarly, unforeseeable occurrences like a burst water pipe or unexpected flooding can cause physical damage to hard drives, making the data irretrievable.

 We offer a range of full data backup and protection services that leave you feeling more secure having a secure externally available copy of your data.

No matter if your servers are physical, virtual or hosted your data can be backed up securely.

Backing up to a device that’s physically attached to a server or computer is not safe as the virus spreads to any device attached via USB.

A 3-2-1 backup approach is where 3 copies of your data are created, where 2 copies are onsite but using different services or methods and the 3rd is sent offsite to a our cloud backup service.

VEEAM Cloud Provider
VEEAM Cloud Connect Portal

Antivirus and Email Protection

Cybersecurity is a vital consideration for any business. It isn’t just big international monoliths that attract hackers and cybercriminals. Cybercrime costs Australian businesses around $29 billion every year.

Protecting data has never been more critical than it is today.  Most virus and malicious software enter the network via email, web browsing and other socially engineered methods.

Because of this protecting data and computers requires a layered approach to employ scanning and filtering at various points.

We understand the importance of robust cybersecurity defences, and we know how to provide them. Businesses that fail to invest in their network security face disastrous consequences. The impacts of a cyberattack can range from reputational damage to the decimation of a business’s operations.

We know how to keep corporate networks safe from internal and external threats. Our staff have the experience and knowledge needed to identify potential weak points before an attacker can exploit them.

Edge devices like modems and routers

An edge router sits at the edge or boundary of the network and is the gateway to the outside world. Routers, like most devices, are vulnerable to attacks. Security flaws can be taken advantage of in order to gain access to manipulate the configuration settings in the admin panel.

The Edge device should be:

  • Kept up to date with latest patches and firmware
  • From a reputable manufacturer that is free from malware
  • Wireless access should be secured and guest access isolated.
  • Passwords changed and controlled access to settings
  • Unnecessary services should be disabled (Remote Management, UPnP, Disable WPS, Disable wireless management ability)
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Hutchison IT is ready to provide IT support for small businesses in the Gold Coast and Brisbane area. With our help, you can rest easy, knowing your network and data is safe and secure.
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We partner with the leading industry brands to provide the best IT solutions to our clients.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers

We complied a list of the  most commonly asked questions from customers. Updated frequently to debunkle and clear up the unclear.

Why do i need a Server ?

Any server or workstation computer that holds files or runs applications that staff use will need a server to efficiently manage and store data easily and accessibly. 

What is Cloud storage ?

Cloud storage is secured at all points. That means when it leaves you, during travel and when it arrives at it’s destination it’s encryption and can’t be read or interspeted.

What is Cloud Hosted and it’s benefits ?

For business that have multiple onpremise servers or if a server is coming of for replacment it can be ideal to move the roles to server that lives in a Secure Cloud hosted server.

This removes the inital expensive upfront cost, to purchase, install and maintain the onsite equipment.

Why do small businesses need cybersecurity?

Even small businesses can’t afford to make cybersecurity an afterthought. There are several reasons proper cybersecurity is an essential component of IT support for small businesses.

– Small businesses are tempting targets for cybercriminals

– Successful cyberattacks will ruin a company’s reputation

– Ransomware attacks can cripple a business

-Cyberattacks threaten your data security and your customers’ privacy