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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NBN?

The NBN is a giant leap foward for the existing phone and internet infrastructure aimed at transitioning Australia to the digital future.


How can I keep my Business Data safe ?

With remote working becoming very popular business data has gone from being generally accessible only at the office – to being required at home and on the go.
Moving to Cloud Storage, for example OneDrive for Business is so beneficial for any business and backing is up is extremely important. Numerous backup software packages are able to connect and backup Cloud Hosted data.

What is a Cloud PBX ?

A Cloud PBX is a hosted phone system. What this means is that the traditional phone system (hardware) box is replaced by software that live securely on the internet.
The Businesses phone lines get converted into internet VOIP numbers, so they numbers continue to work then get plugged into the Cloud PBX.

What is a Domain Name, Do i need one?

A Domain Name refers to the name after the @ symbol of an email address. Domain Names are what’s need create a website tailored to your brand eg. 

The Domain Name is purchased through a Domain Registrar and depending on the suffix .eg the registration purchased is 1, or 2 years as a minimum.

What is Email Security ?

Email Security is providing protection to email by scanning the links and attachment inside email to ensure it doesn’t contain anything malicious.
Email security works by configuring the flow of email to pass through specialised software before it arrives to your devices.

What is E-Commerce ?

An E-Commerce website is one that’s designed to handle many of the traditional aspects of a retail store. online payments, product and inventory, customer account management and other features design to replace the traditional Retail store.
Hutchison IT have successfully implemented many e-commerce websites for clients that sell products and services online.